Abraham Hicks: You CAN Control Your Vibration!

» Posted on Aug 20, 2013

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Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness

This Leading Edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical consciousness Abraham, explains that the two subjects most chronically affected by the powerful Law of Attraction are financial and physical well-being. This book will shine a spotlight on each of the most significant aspects of your life experience and then guide you to the conscious creative control of every aspect of your life, and also goes right to the heart of what most of you are probably troubled by: money and physical health. Not having enough money or not having good health puts you in the perfect position for creating more of that which you do not have. This book has been written to deliberately align you with the most powerful law in the universe—the Law of Attraction—so that you can make it work specifically for you.

Money, and the Law of Attraction is formatted in five, vibrant essays:

Part I – Processing of Pivoting and Positive Aspects

Part II – Attracting Money and Manifesting Abundance

Part III – Maintaining Your Physical Well-Being

Part IV – Perspectives of Health, Weight, and Mind

Part V – Careers, as Profitable Sources of Pleasure

Also included is a free CD (excerpted from a live Abraham-Hicks workshop) that features the Art of Allowing your physical and financial well-being to come through.



  1. Can someone tell me what order Abraham is apart of…Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses or Local or Central/Universe Power Directors/ Personalitites of the Grand Universe/Master Physical Controllers/Melchizedeks/The Universal Father/ Mother/ Midwayer Commision etc?

  2. I’ve enjoyed so many of Abrahams offerings. But for me, this discussion takes me forward and backward into understanding and freedom from my own ranting mind.

  3. Yes.

  4. They want to control because they want to be happy.

    Studies show that the most generous people are the happiest.

    Matthieu Ricard’s brain produces a level of gamma waves – those linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory – never seen before in the neuroscience!

    His brain makes so much energy and joy because he doesn’t focus so much on “himself” but on the joy of GIVING to others.

    By law of attraction: The more you GIVE the more you’ll have to give (receive).

  5. consciousness does not need to be defined, ordered, man-made or controlled. It just is.

  6. thoughts= vibration=reality so think positive :)

  7. :-)

  8. You are not necessarily “responsible” for the faulty equipment or its failures, but you ARE responsible for your (negative) feelings and vibration making the faultiness inevitable.

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  10. They refer to themselves as Pure Positive Energy.

  11. Love this video, the power i feel….creating beautiful vibrations

  12. Powerful …..thank you!

  13. Thank you so much, it’s just what I needed

  14. great video thank you xx

  15. So if two people in love, and one has positive vibrations and the other not due to “what if” then which one vibration wins out? How does that work if one person wishes one thing, and the other kind of but scared ,,, how can two people come to be together if the two vibrations differ somewhat?

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  17. Abraham i Love God so much!

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  20. @Su Mcd your vibration is the only vibration that there is…. Everything falls in line to the beat of your drum …. For your vibration creates the so called perceived vibration of another …. It’s all yours and forever will be…

  21. If they’re aim and goal is to make each other happy and move forward in that gain, then their Vibrations will be sympathetic and balance very well. It takes very open honesty about your feelings. If they are in Love they will want the positive as much as possible for both parties.

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  24. Not “responsible” for the “faulty electrical equipment”, perhaps, but definitely responsible for vibrational responses to one’s encounter to said equipment-or other challenges.

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